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Do we live in Canada and Europe? I live in the USA and am talking about here
So Mud agrees that nothing has changed Always good when we agree
Mud have you read the actual cases? unlikely because you are unable to comment on the cases
good thing i am not a liberal nor a christian but God's love is perfect and he loves me the same if i eat a cheeseburger or have fun with myself
Are YOU still free to speak out? Are the churches free to speak out if they want? what changed or changes because a few more couples get married? you dont say.
the rights to equal protection of the law I can only assume you have never read the actual written decision of any of the judges in these cases. Read their cases and get educated
The racial component has already been ruled upon ......... Yes and it overturned the same argument of states rights regarding marriage you are making As to understanding the 14th amendment google Incorporation under the 14th amendment and try and select legal or scholarly sources. I don't ask anyone to take my word but check your facts yourself. the Supreme Court in 1833 held in Barron v. Baltimore that the Bill of Rights applied only to the federal, but not any state governments, and that is a good place to start http://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/32/243#writing-USSC_CR_0032_0243_ZO
Thank you for proving my point. You are irrational and this topic unbalances you. I vote for conservatives and advocate for same sex couples ability to get married. it is not irrational because on many topics of much greater importance I agree with the Conservatives such as taxes, national defense, borders, pro-business growth etc but that is beyond your comprehension yes I love my dog but a dog cannot give informed legal consent, but again that is beyond your comprehension Then you drool " I don't think married couples should get a tax break or any other benefits, just for being married. Tax breaks should be offered to those married couples to make it easier to raise their children." Same sex couples raise kids. By your logic some same sex couples would get tax breaks, and other benefits because they have kids but male female couples that cant have kids and don't adopt or are waiting to have kids should not have tax breaks? Good luck pushing that through the legislative process Getting married does not give you more votes or more control. I have been married 27 years and I still get one vote (my wife is not a citizen and cannot vote)
The will of the people do not get to deny the rights to equal protection of the law to a minority
ME by ballot referendum WA, MN IL NY VT NH RI CT DE MD and the city of DC by legislature And WA and MD had the legislative action challenged by ballot referendum and the people voted to keep same sex couples ability to get legally married by BALLOT REFERENDUM
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