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But also it could be real.. I am reserving judgement
Yes seriously, or a false flag from the Pro-Ukraine side.
Depends on the context in which the statement is made and the conclusions you draw from it.
I tell it to them almost every day on huffington Post. told them it today multiple times and in multiple places but here Americathebeutiful said it so I showed how ignorant he is
AmyDB Wrote: 4 minutes ago (4:08 PM) So we've got the guy who signed it & the ADL saying they're probably fake. . . Interesting since half a dozen sources, three who were on the ground & got a flyer, think the flyers are real................ No doubt the Flyers are real Flyers and were distributed. The question is who started them and is the demand for registration authentic and Gov issued. That is actually what is being debated . Many are saying the ANti-Russian pro-Ukraine forces put them there to make the Pro-Russian side look bad and they are not really registering Jews. Sort of a PSYOP type operation. I do not know yet and am withholding judgment til facts are clearer. The flyers were distributed , that much we know, was it a prank gone viral , an intentional disinformation campaign designed to make the Pro-Russians look bad, or an actual demand by the Pro-Russian forces for registration
Reagan is President? or do you mean we had no illegal immigration problem before him?
You have to love the bigots of the world.... americathebeautiful Wrote: " a great many of the Jewish people always were strong proponents of Communism." Then he points out a few that are Communist. It is like saying a great many catholics are Communists because Che and Castro once went to a church. Historically bigots have claimed jews to be good with business and tight with money. How does that sound like Communism? Encouraging people to run their own business, become Doctors and lawyers is Communist? If you were intelligent and believe in judging people as individuals, you might say some Jews are communists just as some people from ALL Religions and ethnic backgrounds are strong proponents of Communism. but their Religion or ethnic group has nothing to do with it.
John1531 Wrote: 8 minutes ago (12:00 PM) I have to disagree with Ann. Some main stream Republicans are awful ..... Missing the obvious point that the Democrats that replace them would be FAR worse (See Delaware Senate race 2010) Incumbents win about 80% of elections. McConnell could easily defeat his Dem Challenger. His primary challenger is a good strong Conservative and much better then McConnel but also less likely to win a general election there. The question then is, are we better off going for control of the Senate with a weaker Republican like Mitch or going for his primary opponent Bevin and losing the seat to a Dem? When you think of things like Obamacare and budgets, immigration and judicial appointments in particular, having a Senate Majority even if we disagree with some of the Republicans to a small degree is a nice thing
Ted in California Wrote: 3 hours ago (4:50 PM) The one deduction we should fight tooth......... Nope. Do you give too charity for a tax break? If you want to give to charity give and I will also. But the tax code is not to encourage behavior. Once YOU start fighting for that, another will fight for another deduction. No deductions.
RogueMerle Wrote: 1 hour ago (2:44 PM) An abnormally low percentage of taxpayers know what their "effective" tax rate is. ........... I just wrote almost the exact the same thing, then saw this post!!!
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