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Obama's Biggest Failure as President

tinman6000 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 10:08 PM
Let's say you were a US Marine on Iwo Jima or Okinawa with the prospect of invading Japan in a few months. Would you want your president to be concerned with freedom in Poland or would you rather have the Red Army pin down several million Japanese soldiers in the Far East? Who knew if the A-bombs would work as well as they did. We could have dropped some, and the Japanese could say, "Is that all you got." Let's not forget that Nazi Germany did not surrender until a Soviet T-34 was on top of Hitler's bunker in Berlin. If you were alive in 1944, who would you have thought were the bigger fanatics, the Germans or the Japanese?
Every American who isn’t a zealous adherent of Barack Obama has a favorite reason why this President is a failure; God knows, there are certainly enough reasons to choose from. But there is one shortcoming that is, in the long run, the most significant – and regrettably so, because Obama is uniquely qualified, and could have vastly improved America as a whole, had he addressed the issue. It is to have confronted the destruction of the Black family that has been the hallmark of the Black underclass for the last 40 years. Yet as he approaches the end of his Presidency,...