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So Unhappy

tinkabell Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 9:49 PM
I resent that term...I like the laws that say EVERY household must have a gun and that the owner must complete a safety and handling course. Of course those who believe in gun control...should not be forced to have one! :-)
dieseldriver Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 10:54 PM
Proper gun control is hitting what you intend to hit. Usually involves using a rest and/or both hands. Kennesaw, GA has the law you want and their crime rate dropped precipitously when it passed and has stayed low for decades. All their criminals moved to Morton Grove Illinois (just kidding, but they don't operate in Kennesaw anymore either).

Four years ago, there was a sense that America was clearing its last hurdle on race and ideological animosity. There was pride in electing the first black president, even by those that didn't cast their vote for Barack Obama. Fast forward to even before Friday's massacre, and there was a malaise hanging over the nation ripping it apart on so many levels. Americans pitted against fellow Americans. It's not good enough to lose elections anymore, there has to be complete demonization and the absence of any compromise.

God is under attack, traditional values are being abandoned, and capitalism is considered heartless...