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Sandy Will Bring out Our Best

tinkabell Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 11:50 AM
Having grown up in an area where we often had hurricanes (on barrier islands)...I concur with what Mitt Romney has said. The Feds totally screwed up the "fixing" of where I lived after one storm. The state and locals are much better at dealing with the aftermath of most of what happens in a storm such as this. The Mayors and Governors will let the Feds know what/if they need anything. Katrina was a perfect example of what happens when the Mayor and Governor have NOT A CLUE of how to handle a natural disaster. They "thought" they knew better and refused any help...gee that really worked out well. You should know more of what you speak before making stupid statements.
With hurricane Sandy looming over New York, preparations have been made to brace for the worst, and that means even the New York Stock Exchange is going to stay closed.

With that in mind, what would have been a nerve-wrecking week of five days of anxiety might boil down to only three - with the election looming a week from tomorrow. These massive storms, and other disasters, remind us of what's most important yet having the funds to weather these storms also highlights why it's so important to have the most prosperous nation possible. Right now, we pray there is no loss...