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I like your attitude...that's how Conservatives think... As for the taxes on the house...not sure if that deal ever went through...think it may have just been a back up for him IF he didn't win the last election. I am sure since it would be a "donation" she would write it off and then "donate" the amount of the taxes to his campaign fund to pay off debt...or something creative like that...
This assumes that our Government has a plan to defeat another country (ie Reagan destroying the Russian economy without need to invade/attack) with out troops or military. It take a shrewed person with long term thinking/planning to accomplish something like that. I don't see this in the current administration.
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Frack to the Future

tinkabell Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 10:49 AM
Kind of like in the 70's when there was a gas shortage...each state had a ration amount...when CA ran out faster than others...they thought they should get other states share? Many states were careful, made plans and usually had enough to get them through...CA not so much. As usual they thought they were special and deserved others supply.
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What's Next for Ben Carson?

tinkabell Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 10:04 AM
GREAT comment William. It is very sad to me to see Conservative blacks like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Justice Thomas, Col. West and others excoriated by the Libs and the press. These are thoughtful, intelligent men who are fighting hard to save their races souls and families. I am not black but I love to read their writing. I now read all that I see by Dr. Carson. These men could/should be the role models for all black children.
rgama, It's idiots like you who are much of the problem with any dialogue concerning most things these days...you are like this administration...you THINK you know more than everyone and feel we should "do as you say...not as you do". You are as arrogant as the Obama administration. Get over yourself...the rest of us don't need your opinions or advice!
You are right about the textbooks. When one of the most significant happenings in the formation of the country (the Civil War) gets about a page just shows where things stand. Not even much about the Revolutionary War any more either. Books need to be FACTUAL also...stop the agendas. Let the parents and students sort out the meanings/effects of history from the facts...not someone's opinion of what it should mean.
How do you figure that a "right to work state" is more of a problem. That just means that the NEA cannot MAKE a teacher join a union????
It seems to me that Gov Perry is TRYING to do the right thing. As we have seen with other basically Conservative/Republican governors...the pressure from the press, the Obama administration and the big money progressives (Bill Gates, Buffett and Soros) it is very hard to stand your ground. Then you add in the left leaning courts and the NEA; that makes it almost impossible. I don't have kids but I would stand with anyone who wants to home school their kids or send them to "other than" public schools. That will be the only way to stop them in the long run. The Fed helps fund public schools according to how many students are in the system. No kids...no funding. Detroit pays kids to show on the count day!
Not hard...there were quite a few precincts in PA, Ohio and FL that counted MORE votes than there are registered voters. Simple math...you have 100 registered voters and you have 104 votes cast...duh. Most of these things were reported in all types of press AFTER the election. Guess you missed that?
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