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Rand Paul Plans Filibuster of John Brennan Over Drone Program

Tincan Joey Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 8:16 AM
You are on an island, Rand. Both branches of the One Big Gubamint Party love usurping due process. Fisa, indefinite detention, and drone killings. Coming to a neighborhood near you.
Sen. Rand Paul has announced his formal intention to filibuster President Obama's nominee for CIA chief, John Brennan, if Brennan and the Obama Administration continue to refuse to answer questions about executive authority as it relates to the drone program.

Today, Sen. Paul sent what his office says is the third and final request for information.

The question that I and many others have asked is not whether the Administration has or intends to carry out drone strikes inside the United States, but whether it believes it has the authority to do so. This is an...