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Lamenting Liberty Lost

Tincan Joey Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 1:35 PM
Corbett is the winner of the "Truth Award". Nail on the head my friend.
A lot of people will be upset with the piece, but he said something that needed saying. The act was despicable, but everyone wants to canonize this guy as St. Charlie. He was hater killed by a group of haters. Shouldn't have happened, but it did. Doesn't change that this guy was bigoted @hole who made his living ridiculing everything that didn't agree with his elitist view of the world. I'm not losing any sleep over un-Saint Charlie.
HAte to see anyone murdered. That said, an elite snobbish preacher of hate was killed by another group of haters. I'm not losing any sleep on this one.
Because big gubamint repubs like gw keep voting in big gubamint GOPers who want to keep Obamacare.
I think they are beyond Democrat-Lite. The "twin brotherhood" of big gubamint is probably a more accurate label.
Why mention that Jeb Bush is more conservative than Christie??? Ahhh, must be the new party loyalist mantra "the lesser of the lesser of two evils". That'll be so much better than just the lesser of two evils.
They are going to ensure gubamint gets even bigger, stronger, more expensive, and more intrusive than ever before.
ditch the have for are.
It was bound to happen. Big Gubamint GOPers have trying to eradicate anyone committed to freedom, liberty, and constitution over the party. McLame doing it in his home state, Bo-ner in the house. I can guarantee that the GOP will put more effort into defeating Paul, Lee, Amash, and Massey in 2016 than into winning the POTUS election.
discipline of what!!!! Bigger, stronger, more expensive and more intrusive gubamint?????
Made up words that the pols and media love to divide the electorate so gubamint can keep doing whatever it wants.
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