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We're one of the very few still embargoing Cuba. So our policy has lost its effectiveness. Once again we engage in diplomatic relations and trade with other communist countries and many dictatorships. So what is the freakin difference here?????
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Grimes To Paul: I'll See You In Court

Tincan Joey Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 5:20 AM
Federal ID's no...states OK. Take time to read and you'll understand. But of course, this would ruin your bash Paul hard-on wouldn't it???
Another excellent piece judge!!!! Of course Clownhall covered very little of what you wrote about concerning the extra in Cromnibus. They especially ignored the Amash Amendment.
They'll threaten to de-fund this but were OK with Cromnibus????????
No the sheep will bleet "don't look at that"...."stop pulling back the curtain"!!!! Then they'll run into a diatribe of Paulbot, Tin foil hat wearers, 3rd party trash, etc.....anything to run away from the truth. did your sheep masters do on Cromnibus????? Makes you proud doesn't it?????
ATTENTION BIG GUBMAINT HYPOCRITS!!!! Try walking out of the Big Gubamint sheep pen instead of bleeting angrily out those who have.
Everyone here is up in arms over this small island because we normalized relations with this itty bitty communist country. But we do Billions of $$$$$ of business with Communist China.
Dollars to doughnuts says the GOP will spend more time and effort to oust Paul, Lee, Amash, and Massie in 2016 than they will against their Big Gubamint brother/sister running for POTUS on the Dem ticket.
No tin2. Giving in to wrong because one is too scared to get out of the Big Gubamint sheep pen makes one unfit.
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