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Great...yet again we are going to train and arm our next enemy.
Oh...so having repubs control the Senate will save the Constitution. Sorry, swallowed that Kool-Aide once before. Party politics is a losing battle. Until we start scrutinizing the individual and ignoring their political affiliation we'll just end up with the same ole same ole.
Because it creates (or arms) new future enemies, which will perpetuate the endless warfare state. With the result of de-focusing the people from domestic issues while growing the power of gubamint.
Once again we arm the enemies of our enemies so that they can now become our enemies.
Unfortunately the establishment repubs will attack any repub who go after them. Repubs have ushered in just as much of this Big Brother World as dems have.
It is supporting the big gubamint agenda. Obama is just the flavor of the day.
Actually this started when GWB was POTUS. Obama admin just kept up what was already going on. Another reason why we can't trust gubamint. The police state just keeps getting larger no matter who is in.
Good for him....but yet again; why is no one in jail for this?????!!!!! Until gubamint tyrants end up in jail, this will continue.
And your point is......as far as the Swiss and the Gold standard. Oh didn't have one....just a drive by on the hated Paul for not being a party loyalist.
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What Would Braveheart Do?

Tincan Joey Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 2:00 PM
Who woulda thunk it????? The Country we revolted against for our independence will soon possibly be moving more power to the local level of gubamint. While WE now take power away from the local level to increase the size and power of the federal gubamint.
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