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Chuck Hagel Is a Choice To Irritate the GOP

Tincan Joey Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 9:01 PM
Sounds like he is not a "Party First" man. I can't believe Obama nominated him. If he does nothing else but irritate the likes of McLame and Graham, he'll be worth it. Obama might rue the day he nominated him if he speaks out against indefinite detention.
"Never make an enemy by accident," housemaid Anna Bates warned her husband in the third season premiere of "Downton Abbey" Sunday night. That's what the housemaid's mother always told her.

If his mother ever gave him the same advice, former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel -- now President Barack Obama's pick to serve as secretary of defense -- seems to have ignored it.

Biographically, the former U.S. senator from Nebraska and decorated Vietnam War hero makes a great choice. As the president noted, "he'd be the first person of enlisted rank to serve as secretary of defense, one of the few secretaries who have...