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Obama and the Rules of Sexual Engagement

Tina Trent Wrote: May 28, 2013 4:34 PM
It's refreshing to hear Adams acknowledge the paradoxical nature of rape charges -- while academic instituons are creating extralegal courts to punish thought crimes and violations of crazy sexual politics rules, real rapes (which can be by strangers or acquaintances but are not every insensitive word or deed, as defined by the campus feminists) are still often not reported and not prosecuted. In the 1990's, I worked on real rape reform. There were many problems with prosecuting rapists, created mainly by the defense bar's insane victories regarding evidence and by juries easily swayed by claims of persecution, especially racial persecution when the defendant was black (regardless of the race of his victim). Other problems included the lack of resources for everything from DNA to trials of every offense by a specific offender. What were the campus activists doing, as real rape cases were being ignored and underprosecuted? They were building a political movement to turn campuses into kangaroo courts for condemning all males for the sins of patriarchy, using sexual harassment and rape as their justification. I knew at the time that their efforts would damage our efforts to convince the public, thus juries, to take rape charges more seriously. But even I could not have predicted that they would amass this much power. They are destroying the work that we did to prevent and punish real rapes. It's appalling. But thank you, Mike, for also reminding readers that there is still injustice against rape victims occurring in the real legal system. Too few people who address this subject bother to look beyond the excesses of the campus feminists.