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Squishy puppets. We should use that.
I've had students who attend far less expensive community college and work and actually support their families while following the law. Note the resentment, lack of gratitude, and presumption that there will be no limits on benefits and aid to illegal immigrants. Then call your congressman and senators and tell them no immigration legislation with this lawless administration in power and no real effort at border control. Then do it again tomorrow. The real dreamers are those whose livelihoods have been diminshed by lawlessness. And nobody has their back, except maybe you.
And yet, right down the road from there, the Feds made much of an alleged anti-Muslim hate crime that sounded very suspicious, to say the least. Now they're mum on what sounds to have been another hoax -- a fire set on a garage door of Bosnian Muslims, when they were alleged to be away. That led to candlelight marches, public chest-beating by the usual suspects, denunciations of all Americans for prejudice, etc. Students set up teach-ins, college students marched, and everyone was treated to a big dose of anti-American activism disguised as sensitivity. It's no mystery that the feds don't take terrorism seriously. They're in the business of ignoring it unless they can blame Americans. It's always a hoax when the garage door's the thing that gets burned.
Try Bearing Witness. They have Orlando-based members and are a great organization.
You're right, and Matt Towery is right regarding messaging. But he and too many others don't see the destructive effects of the pressure placed on these groups by disdainful RNC consultants and the libertarian national groups that take far too much credit for the energy and activism of individual Tea Party groups. In Florida, arguably the most important swing state for Republicans in the election, the nationals created a losing campaign strategy and were far too cozy with Jeb Bush and contemptuous of social conservatives. It took a toll and probably cost us the state. After the election, they colluded in betraying the base once again by slyly claiming to be sitting out the immigration debate -- which is tantamount to supporting the Gang of Eight's amnesty. Worse, they have pressured activists to not oppose the bill while feigning neutrality. I have heard whispering about crazy Christians and purported failures to "value diversity" and other ugly nonsense better suited to be coming from leftists. The task for the Tea Party is, unfortunately, to come to terms with all the people who are trying to silence them, including those who have stood with them on other messages. The betrayal of two-bit hacks like Marco Rubio is painful, but it has to be confronted. Likewise, they need to confront those in the libertarian wing who are in bed with Jeb Bush and the beltway consultancy RINOs. The problem with the Tea Party is that they're too decent for the sort of political manipulations being thrown at them by the left and some on the right. It's a good problem to have, but also a hard one.
Great article, but I'm more worried about the people on the Right who want to suppress Christians, from the obsessives at Reason magazine to the assorted libertarians who are pressuring value voters to sit down and shut up. They do ten times the harm.
It's refreshing to hear Adams acknowledge the paradoxical nature of rape charges -- while academic instituons are creating extralegal courts to punish thought crimes and violations of crazy sexual politics rules, real rapes (which can be by strangers or acquaintances but are not every insensitive word or deed, as defined by the campus feminists) are still often not reported and not prosecuted. In the 1990's, I worked on real rape reform. There were many problems with prosecuting rapists, created mainly by the defense bar's insane victories regarding evidence and by juries easily swayed by claims of persecution, especially racial persecution when the defendant was black (regardless of the race of his victim). Other problems included the lack of resources for everything from DNA to trials of every offense by a specific offender. What were the campus activists doing, as real rape cases were being ignored and underprosecuted? They were building a political movement to turn campuses into kangaroo courts for condemning all males for the sins of patriarchy, using sexual harassment and rape as their justification. I knew at the time that their efforts would damage our efforts to convince the public, thus juries, to take rape charges more seriously. But even I could not have predicted that they would amass this much power. They are destroying the work that we did to prevent and punish real rapes. It's appalling. But thank you, Mike, for also reminding readers that there is still injustice against rape victims occurring in the real legal system. Too few people who address this subject bother to look beyond the excesses of the campus feminists.
Yeah, well, Cardenas lost touch with the people in his own movement a long time ago, and Norquist is a discredited opportunist. This bill is a disgrace, and the lies being peddled about it are a betrayal of the real conservative base. If I believed the RNC wanted to win elections I'd suggest staying home to punish them. Worst of all is any collusion by the conservative media. Why aren't we talking about slowing this bill down? Why the rush to promote it when we haven't had time to read it? Does anyone in Washington actually reject the Obama Mandarin model of governance? I don't need to hear from Cardenas or Norquist on immigration. I need to hear facts and hear from my representative. Unfortunately, that's Rubio.
OK Mark, let's have your real name now. If you're going to fling slurs, be a man and sign your vague and silly accusation. The we can settle in for a chat about your claims. But I don't debate cowards.
He didn't despise political correctness, he loved it, so long as it bowed to his chosen pieties. He destroyed the life of an elderly rape victim by championing her rapist, even after the DNA came back a match. He spent years attacking that innocent victim so he could see himself as Atticus Finch, attacking an innocent woman as racist with no cause, and he never apologized because the rapist's feelings were more important than her dignity and life, and the truth. If that isn't political correctness, there is no such thing. And when it turned out the scumbag was guilty, he said guilt didn't matter because the rapist had convinced himself he was innocent and should be released anyway. Nice hero you've got there. Care to defend that?
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