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Liberal Logic: To Cut Spending You Have to Spend More

timothy53 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 11:27 AM
The Tea Party people are the only ones with any grasp on the truth in our capital.How can you tell that? The media and Dems. are trying so hard to discredit them.Both are crooks and only out to feather their own nests and that of their ignorant supporters.And Obama is a carbon copy of Bush only on steroids where is your phony outrage over his drone attacks renditions targeted killing no he doesn't capture and torture he just has them executed I will never forgive you lowlife Dems for undermining our efforts in Iraq with your phony patriotism while our troops were in danger. It was giving aid and comfort to our enemies. I truly hope you burn in hell with your heathen buddies ..

At the White House once I was regaling him with local news from Champaign (which he was always ready to hear), and I said, 'Blank is dead; his extremely disloyal sentiments so provoked his neighbors that there was serious talk of inflicting vengeance on him, and he was found dead in bed—caused largely by fright.' This man was an old Whig friend of Lincoln, but the reason of his exit from life's trials amused him. His comment was, 'He died, then, to save his life, it seems.'"- Lincoln's Own Stories, Anthony Gross, HARPER & BROTHERS PUBLISHERS NEW YORK AND LONDON, 1912