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UNCW Invests in “Stimulating” Technology

Timothy32 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 8:27 AM
So what if they all jumped in the lake would you follow. we do not have 99% of credible scientists. What we do have is a goup. that makes up a story(hypothisis) then when they cannot prove that theory uses statistics to change the answer to prove they theory. Einstine said if you have to use statistics your experiment is not good enough. most thing in the scientific community are only a good guess or an appoximation. God may have used the same formula for all greatures great and small. but is we came from nothing then DNA would go both direction. IE chance. I would not be created from a two dimential set of direction that are self replicating and create three dimensional nano machine that then forms into multi complex 4th dimesional struc
The worst part about censorship is that there are college professors who are too stupid to know what it actually means, or worse, that sometimes pretend to be too stupid to know what it actually means. Censorship occurs when the government stops objectionable speech from being disseminated. It does not occur when the government refuses to actually subsidize speech that may be deemed objectionable. But sometimes professors and low-level college administrators pretend that refusal to fund government speech is censorship. They usually do this when the speech is so bad that no one else would ever subsidize it. So they adopt...