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The 19th century law does not apply in this circumstances, the Coast guard can arrest smugglers and illegals. Designate part of the military to border or Coast Guard duty. Stop with the games put this great nations Army on the border and turn them back before they step a foot into the US. The Army is the greatest in the World and is uniquely able to complete this task.
No you don't understand he and his staff do not look at the news that was in this weeks speeches at fundraisers because he already knows what is going on. In his own words.
Don't look now we are headed for another (the Republicans are shutting down the Government) LOL. The Senate has not taken up a single appropriation bill, they are already demanding a Continuing resolution at current levels. The House will have done its job but the Dems in the Senate have done Nothing about next years spending.
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Menstrual Activism

Timothy32 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 9:54 AM
I would equate talking about your period at lunch to talking about how you shi t your pants. its a subject that should be taken care of in private. And that goes for both sexes about the shi t in your pants. Showing it off is just discusting and the ladies mom should have taught her better manners.
I think that is the plan, since now they want the age to be 70 that means you pay 5 more years and do not collect for 5 more years, you are now down 10 years in income.
It only shrunk from the 2008 Deficit because they back yeared the stimulus to the last bush budget year. they increased the deficit to on trillion and then now its lower to half a trillion. Kind of like the store raising the prices a week before a sale, then making down 20% no real saving.
Because its not about saving money, it would be putting an agency out of business.
The big problem is that the Fed is sucking 15% of your income off the top for payroll tax. Them it takes another 18% off the top. next the States get their hands on 10%. then you pay 6 to 7 after that on sales tax. 20% on fuel taxes. etc. all so government employees can have a great retirement and many bonuses and parties.
Its all fake, the 80 billion that the fed is pumping into the system never has time to go any were but into the banks and the Stock market. anyone can keep doing this good if someone was giving them free money to invest..
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UN: A Club in Need of Higher Standards

Timothy32 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 2:48 PM
Though we could not join do to the fact we are a Republic.
The problem with this judges thinking is the statutory language. His premise relies on it is OK to go to Dominos in his Pizza story. The act does not allow you to get a Subsidy (pizza) from any other Company then the States(Pizza Hut). So the Coworker has not met the real conditions under the law. So much for CLOWNSs in the 4th Circuit court.
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