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why is the overhead so high. Maybe because everything they do is about people working, So putting a web page together, writing an op ed. manning a voter registration booth, driving a rented bus to get people to the voting pols. this is all overhead. they are doing the ground game that is needed. you cannot just give ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN your money and win.
Congress did not go on vacation they take time to go to there state and get in touch with there constituents. My rep is having coffees and town halls. working his local offices.
I just wish my state rep would have the courage to put this judge up for impeachment.
But the decision from a lower court has no standing other then to the person that is brought before them. As judge Moore has articulated. The judge is over reaching by trying to push her order on the hole state. an impeachable offence. and since the state was not the party being sued her order has no standing.
gee bust dams and send more water down to the ocean for the snail darter and you get more severe time during the doughts in the desert called southern California. The had it figured out how to manage hard dry times untill the federal government and environs wackos got involved.
I say get him for purgery
well I would say that the Asinine part applies not to the rifle but to you the writer. A rifle is a rifle is a rifle. Most AR15 come in the .22 caliber. any good rifle can be used for hunting. I think that the setup is better since I cared one for years so muscle memories is great wile hunting. Also much easier to clean then most rifle. Just because you are scared of its looks does not make it very different from other rifles.
notice the language the right to bare arms shall not be infringed is very different then the congress shall make no laws. one speaks only to the federal government since all legislation( excluding roe vs wae sice that made an end run around Congress) is from congress, then you understand one is a federal limit and one is a Fed, State, city, town and etc, limit. We have reciprocity do to no law of the land shall infringe.
So if gay marriage is automatically recognized why do we need this if the full faith clause in effect for one state license it is for all state licenses.
O the curse of the myth of no WMDs in Iraq haunts this administration. They believe their own lies way to much. it hampers them in everything they do. We now know the yer were Yellow cake, it was removed in operation McKale about 5 years ago. we now know and always new there were chemical weapons he used them on the curds. So lies more lies and lies some more to justify not hurting the presidents friend in the Brotherhood. md
He did lose his Law license for perjury on his application. So what did he lie about, my guess would be that he graduated. Harvard will not release his records because every that new him thought he graduated and now are afraid of being called idiots.
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