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Get rid of EBT cards and housing assistance at the current levels and you will see more skilled pickers that stay at the job. If you receive more then 50,000 dollars a year from the GVman why would you work for 25 dollars an hour. you only make 52,000 and they take 30% of that or more. So you see the truth is not in your post. So get BGov out of the free market and you will see a Sea change in the work force.
Where are they getting there money. I will bet some grant from the federal government.
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Selling Sex (Allegations)

Timothy32 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 10:35 AM
When is she and the Pay for my birth control women going to come out of the closet. Like most Liberals they push an agenda for years as if they were Heterosexual then like Anderson Cooper who led the charge as a Closet heteral then decided to come out.
Charge DC patrons 50 dollars a bear.
Its the breweries fault for thinking they could open in DC without spending 100 times the price and having the system for brewing match 100 years ago technics.
NPR, you do not really think that is a source of Information do you. They are still clinging to the narrative of the raped on a bed of glass story. it is beyond the pale. that we still fund this C rap to a tune of 1 billion dollars.
If you read you will see they were not slaves for most of the time they were in Egypt, as it said there arose a new king that new not Joseph and he appointed task masters.
You have to read carefully not the skim over or the readers digest version. The ten Plagues are directly related to the ten Egyptian gods.
I see you do not know the story at all. It was never about the Hebrews slavery it was about them following GOD of there father in stead of the Egyptian gods as they were starting to do. God put the ten Egyptian gods on trial. The Hebrews were starting to tell the ten gods stories and God wanted them to tell his story in there live. and that included the Egyptians.
We need to start getting the 60 million segregated into groups, the ones we really need to cover and the ones we should never cover. If the program helps a person maintain a slothful lifestyle then they should be off of the program.
Should say " trying to kill a cop may result in body bag fitting".
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