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And the problem would be a tax or funding bill cannot change policy. ACA was all policy. setting up exchanges. Mandates etc. it did not just set the taxing funding.
Why do you ask because the senate does not have the right to change the language in the house bill. They can vote there own and then reconcile but that is not what they did.
No they took another bills number. The problem is that if one of the republicans in the committees objects then the bill is toast in the court.
yes you do have lots of rights not articulated. But the State and the Fed do not. You have the right to clean air. but its not up to the fed to guaranty that. You have the right to have your state government to take care of that or local government. That is by one thing Zoning laws. A Factory cannot locate next door to residential. and smart Local and State government do not allow residential development next door to a factory. That is the 9th amendment. The fed would have to have an Amendment for it to make laws about the air. that is called enumerated power. Civics 101
Why have the Money and power even go thru the Fed. federalism was set up to have the People Make contracts first, Second Local Governments for roads and such, Next the States For larger Roads and such, Last is the fed who was for common defense, Some postal roads. and a few other thing. Now its more like the Monarchy(Dictator) we left. If you understand there are three Branches of government The PEOPLE, The STATEs and Then The Fed. And they are not equal. they start with the PEOPLE have the most rights and power. and go from they're. The fed has the least rights and power for they must have a compelling reason and only when there is a need for property right by the people, Rights of person, Rights of property, Rights to assemble. all other things the fed is doing is Unconstitutional.
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Cease the Cease-Fires

Timothy32 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 10:28 AM
Want to stop this. get rid of the UN. Start with the UN Refugee camps ( free apartments for the Hamas on Israel's footsteps. Next stop money from the US. then push the Hamas and other groups out with the US Army back into Jordan for which the came.
Voter Fraud happens all the time, they just hold the lady who voted five times in Ohio up as a Hero. She got no jail time.
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$15B Deal on Vets' Health Care Reached

Timothy32 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 9:41 AM
More money to pay for the same care, that is insane. o well more bonuses for the administrators.
The House needs to stop calling them Vacations. they are recesses for the Representatives to go back to their homes and talk with the people that sent them there.
That has to be the most stupidest remark today. What do you think the Border Agents are doing. they are arresting the Children putting them into camps. and by the way the Unaccompanied minor mantra is getting old, Its already out that the fed is not acknowledging the whole family they apprehend only the children to make it sound better.
You forget that most Guardsmen are War hardened from two conflicts. The Coyotes would be dispatched with great expedience.
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