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Its all fake, the 80 billion that the fed is pumping into the system never has time to go any were but into the banks and the Stock market. anyone can keep doing this good if someone was giving them free money to invest..
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UN: A Club in Need of Higher Standards

Timothy32 Wrote: 3 hours ago (2:48 PM)
Though we could not join do to the fact we are a Republic.
The problem with this judges thinking is the statutory language. His premise relies on it is OK to go to Dominos in his Pizza story. The act does not allow you to get a Subsidy (pizza) from any other Company then the States(Pizza Hut). So the Coworker has not met the real conditions under the law. So much for CLOWNSs in the 4th Circuit court.
Well the reason that there will still be 30 to 40 million uninsured is because the law tht was written never addressed that. What it did was take over in its first year the private insurance market, next year it takes over the Group insurance markets. It is just about a Federal takeover of Free market Insurance and Hospitals.
So now maybe we need to rethink Visa requirements for all persons traveling to the US. and secure all borders and port of entry. Its that simple.
Stop them by putting the Army and air force on the boarder. Set up fast attach groups to put the drug smugglers down. Line there heads on pikes at the boarder.
And it is funny how the Dems party is like half Jewish and Half Arab. yet the Arab side is running the show as seen in the Voting GOD out of the platform.
So you say using a phone app to pay your parking you no halve to carry a printer with you also. You must be dumb as a rock.
I see the moral equivalent "Christian Privilege". You are just a bigot for there is no Christian Privilege it is a strawman the left puts out to denigrate anyone who is working there butt off.
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The Threat To The Scientific Method

Timothy32 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 6:11 PM
It took you and others this long to figure this out. you must work for the Government and need grant money.
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