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No worries, it can't be the "religion of peace". Besides Obama will say it was workplace violence.
What infuriates me is yesterday listening to Savage on the radio is that he DOJ might fle civil rights violation charges against Wilson, and the family is planning on suing him.
now that there's an R Senate and the IRS investigations won't be stymied, when they find out Shaheen's involvement, perhaps she can be removed?
That is not how Germany got Hitler. He was appointed as Chancellor then when Hindenburg died, he grabbed the power from Hindenburgers' office into his own. The rest is history.
3 races in this cycle have left me deeply disappointed. First, in my beloved home state of VA, Mark Warner seems to have won again. The govies in Northern Virginia and the shipbuilders around Hampton roads strike again. I just don't get these people. Perhaps when their health care premiums skyrocket, they'll have buyers' remorse? Second - I can't believe Shaheen won in NH. Especially after it came out that she's involved in IRS-gate with Lerner. What's wrong with you NH? This should make the "Comon-Man!" segement on ESPN. Thirdly - What is wrong with Minnesota voters that they would send Franken back? I don't know much about the R candidate that ran against him. Was he not a good one?
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Open Legs and Closed Minds

timothy27 Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 1:59 PM
I hope that new legislation passes for the closure of all LBGQTIA (or whatever it is). Can't wait to see Mike's column commenting on the "much wailing and gnashing of teeth" as those offices close, and all those liberal psychos are out of a job.
Why stop with Ebola? Let's bring cancer patients in from Moldova, heart-disease patients in from Mongolia, etc. etc. Where does the insanity end?
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Kyle’s Extra Credit Assignment

timothy27 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 9:36 AM
Good article Mike. I'm a little disappointed though. I thought for sure your next column would be about the recent cheating scandal at UNC. Would enjoy hearing you weigh in on that, in the way that you do.
I'm beyond outrage. Can't wait to vote in November, even though I'm sure Warner will win again in my beloved VA. The People's republic of Northern Virginia will ensure that.
I hate headlines like this. There's no such thing as a "Nazi" tank, Katie. An inanimate object like a tank couldn't join a political party could it? How about "German tank"? By your reasoning, becuase Obama is in office and I'm in the U.S. Army, I must be a Democrat right? Wrong! Oh, one more thing. It wasn't commonly known as a Panzer IV. Panzer is simply the German word for tank. They did NOT call it the "Tank 4". If anything, it was called the Mark IV. Sorry Townhall folks, history is of great interest to me, and lazy reporters like this who consistently get it wrong, annoy the hell out of me.
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