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Apparently there are some here who are upset at the fun most of us are having with this tweet from @TheDemocrats. They think we are just racist and mean. Well, as a VFW member I will explain seriously what the problem with the tweet was. Just Google the phase "wrap yourself up in the flag". That means if someone wraps themselves in the flag, they pretend to be doing something for patriotic reasons or out of loyalty, but their real motives are selfish. Rather than just tweet a real flag by itself and wishing everyone a happy flag day. They have a little African-American boy wrapped with a flag (in this case a patriotic bunting) to make a photo op. It is just politics and not patriotism. And everyone except a few sees that for what it is and are laughing at it. And as is well know the devil hates to be laughed at.
If this was overreacting you would have a lot more than the 100 comments after 24 hours. This is just people having fun laughing at the stupid tweet put up by @TheDemocrats.
I am just being provocative.
Your right in that this banner is definitely what is being used in the picture.
I see some are associating the 2012 with the last election. No, it has do with the killing of Trayvon Martin by the oppressive white Americans in 2012 and the little African-American is to be seen a little Trayvon wrapped up in the American flag.
Not a lawyer, just a member of the VFW. Actually a single star in a blue field is the Bonnie Blue Flag which was a Confederate Flag. Not a good symbol that the Democrats would like to be associated with.
@TheDemocrats may have actually been trying to follow proper flag rule by not using an actual flag for political use. First problem is you can of course use flag in a political ad, you just can't print a candidates name or slogan on the flag. Second is what they used as an America Flag was suppose to been seem as being a true flag even if it wasn't, so they were still using the flag for political purposes.
I heard Sen. Cochran just got 1/4 million from Bloomberg. Time to hit the D.C. steakhouses and run up a large bar tap like Eric Cantor did with all his campaign funds before losing his primary.
We are going to have to do air strikes on Iraq, if only to destroy as much as possible of the military equipment we left there. Also the only reason we went sent troops to Iraq was because it was a better battlefield to kill Muslims than Afghanistan was (we learned that from the Russians). Problem was that Bush forgot he mandate to kill as many Muslims as possible till they never would want to attack us again, and got into nation building.
Prof. Brat is also for building up our military, something else Libertarians are against.
Prof. Bratt believes in God and is against Amnesty, ergo he is not a Libertarian.
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