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I would say that ALS isn't isn't a great charity to give to because over 73% of all donations raised are going to fundraising, overhead, executive salaries, and external donations. Less than 27% is actually used for the purpose we donated for. So have fun, but don't waste your money giving to ALS.
Here are the problems with the tan suit: 1. Looks like he is still on vacation. 2. Trying to look Reaganesque, because it is a well known fact Reagan had a habit of wearing brown. 3. Not in style. 4. Looks like he is putting more thought in his suits than his ISIS policy.
Also Obama gave the Queen of England a ipod of his old speeches and Michelle touched the queen's back.
No offence taken to our brothers across the pond.
Give people a break, In this economy, most can't give $100 and ALS I bet is thrilled to get a bunch of $10 donations that those of that take the ice water challeng give. And people are having fun, so give it a break Ky.
"Why doesn't FDR just leave Britain alone?" I am a stanch conservative, but I don't stick my head in the ground while the world burns.
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Supply Side Contraceptives

Timmy-the-Ute Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 7:31 PM
There are many health reasons to not take oral contraceptives without good reason. - Increased risk of cervical and breast cancers - Increased risk of heart attack and stroke - Migraines - Higher blood pressure - Gall bladder disease - Infertility - Benign liver tumors - Decreased bone density - Yeast overgrowth and infection - Increased risk of blood clotting - links to MS - mood changes The point is you shouldn't be on contraceptives just because Obama-care is offering it free. It is just a ploy to get young people to sign up for something they may not need. I don't see why any young person will want to have to sign up for Obama-care for a couple of hundred dollars a month just to get contraceptives that cost $10 month.
You can count on Cochran doing a Arlen Specter if the Republicans have a 51-49 majority after the 2014 election. Dirty Harry will find a way to flip Cochran to flip.
I remember when Bea Arthur TV character Maulde decides to have an abortion. It was such a great decision for her to realize it is better for the baby to be aborted than to live and be her child. And I asked, wait Maulde is a good person and was a good mother to her other daughter, why is this a life not worth living?
Apparently there are some here who are upset at the fun most of us are having with this tweet from @TheDemocrats. They think we are just racist and mean. Well, as a VFW member I will explain seriously what the problem with the tweet was. Just Google the phase "wrap yourself up in the flag". That means if someone wraps themselves in the flag, they pretend to be doing something for patriotic reasons or out of loyalty, but their real motives are selfish. Rather than just tweet a real flag by itself and wishing everyone a happy flag day. They have a little African-American boy wrapped with a flag (in this case a patriotic bunting) to make a photo op. It is just politics and not patriotism. And everyone except a few sees that for what it is and are laughing at it. And as is well know the devil hates to be laughed at.
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