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Russian propaganda vs American Propaganda? I think that is the problem, where is the truth? Is the truth relevant or if exposed only when convenient? Western Media has been caught lying too many times for people not to question even when they happen to be totally right. When to the Russians tell the truth? Well - I don't know them that well.
Then show me the smoking gun that USA claims.... and has not shown. Dude show the links and the information, not throwing of accusations... Show me something credible !!! None ,, just an idiot with insults and a religious belief in Obama and CNN.
My confidence in the credibility of main stream Western media has been sorely tested to the point I now automatically look for both sides of the story. The hard line of attacking before any proof has created a considerable level of disbelief and the conspiracy theorists are bobbing up everywhere. I am wondering when Timmy and Lassie will rock up. The Western media had blamed the Separatists virtually before the last debris had landed. I have yet to see a missile trail in any video, several that exist should have shown something? Maybe it was an environmentally friendly low emission missile? The very quick issuing of recordings of rebels discussing shooting the plane down was tacky, rough and questionable. All I can see is a direct attack on the Russians and Putin, to heck with everyone else who seem to be peripheral. So to date there has been no credible verification of the plane being shot down or even by who. Motives abound and include plain stupidity, but all we have is media hype. Stupidity is the one line I find difficult to swallow as the alleged missile system is very sophisticated, thus it would be difficult to use by amateurs.
Boss's don't belong in the bedroom! - no but the bedroom shouldn't be the concern of the boss
I am intrigued that people want to go there on holiday. I have worked in some dangerous spots, but when the regime is at war with yours, ??? The "on your own" applies when your govt hasn't got a representation, relations or specifically says "don't go there". The problem is that the politicians, particularly Carter, go on popularity missions.
Soccer is a coordinated team game where the mark of the individual player is to work to lift their game. Southern Africa has been cursed with the hero syndrome which kills the team. There are not 100 advert time outs. I used to support Liverpool, until that soccer mad girlfriend dumped me and really never been that enthusiastic. Rugby is far better. 2010 South Africa World Cup I got free tickets, beer and in the same town. I kept the beer and donated the tickets to some kids.
Carter = Iran Obama = Iraq Way to go - two really nasty countries instead of the one. Both Iraq and Iran were provinces under the Ottoman Empire. Under a hard rule with none of the benefits that later influences brought. The religious extremism was crushed by people of the same religion. The post WW2 is marked with international interference. The terrible Iraq/Iran war was a direct result of Carter's work. Neither countries have been stable since.
However you put it Boko Haram has long been a terrorist organisation. I have been in and out of Nigeria for years and it's philosophy has been to use what we call terrorism to get their own way. Raise their profile by labeling them? Seriously? Takes the abduction of so many kids to realize that they were going to raise their profile anyhow?
Isn't Black magic a chocolate?
Bit of an inconvenience doing the human sacrifice in public, that would be stupid, rather do it on special events with a bit more seclusion, like they do over here. Satanism is not benign and what is basic now, ends down the line in horrors.... That is it's history.
Satanism, Black magic etc is permitted in South Africa. We have had some fairly demonstrative examples of expressing their faith. For societies who's laws reflect Christian values human sacrifice is kindah illegal.
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