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Carter = Iran Obama = Iraq Way to go - two really nasty countries instead of the one. Both Iraq and Iran were provinces under the Ottoman Empire. Under a hard rule with none of the benefits that later influences brought. The religious extremism was crushed by people of the same religion. The post WW2 is marked with international interference. The terrible Iraq/Iran war was a direct result of Carter's work. Neither countries have been stable since.
However you put it Boko Haram has long been a terrorist organisation. I have been in and out of Nigeria for years and it's philosophy has been to use what we call terrorism to get their own way. Raise their profile by labeling them? Seriously? Takes the abduction of so many kids to realize that they were going to raise their profile anyhow?
Isn't Black magic a chocolate?
Bit of an inconvenience doing the human sacrifice in public, that would be stupid, rather do it on special events with a bit more seclusion, like they do over here. Satanism is not benign and what is basic now, ends down the line in horrors.... That is it's history.
Satanism, Black magic etc is permitted in South Africa. We have had some fairly demonstrative examples of expressing their faith. For societies who's laws reflect Christian values human sacrifice is kindah illegal.
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Specter of Civil War in Ukraine

Timgabz Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 5:49 AM
What the West triggered, the Russians want to finish. Libya's rebels were strongly backed by US fire power. A tad difficult to yell foul? I find it difficult to understand when Palin and Sarkosi expressed concerns that EU went ahead with a treaty that was antagonistic to Russia without either mitigating the threat or underpinning the threat?
Hitler didn't have another superpower hustling it's old allies away and restricting trade. The EU inclusion of Ukraine was a significant alienation of Russia from resources and peoples. Unnecessary when a trilateral including Russia would have worked better for all. Push too hard and there is inevitably a group who are going to be disenfranchised from their cosy positions. Frequent in history and the EU and USA are ... Surprised? A structured trilateral would have shifted things at a manageable pace rather than rushing Ukraine into a Greece dependency. Putin is focused and experienced and Obama didn't think Putin would react to people kicking over a strategic strong point...
Instead of a joint deal EU and USA tried to pull Ukraine away from Russia, a traditional involved neighbour. Since much of Ukraine and most of the Crimea is Ethnic Russian - there was bound to be a tear. At best it can only be described as a poor gamble, but better would be daft and inflammatory.
The property industry affects every segment directly and indirectly. Everything and everyone needs a time and place to be. Even hamsters have a "home" (sometimes in a cat) but beggars and Politicians have a place even in a shelter. Construction is a vicious or fortuitous multiplier in that when the demand for property goes above the stock the kick off is considerable with demands for skills, materials and consumables growing the whole economy. The current Quantitative easing is not including the property industry in their systems showing they don't know their business....
Excluding Energy and Food, sheesh..... The energy has risen in a tight market and we wonder why other spending has been restricted. Families have cut and cut and cut but there has been product engineering removing value from the base products. I would say that there isn't deflation, rather the specter of deferred inflation.
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The “MyRA” Malfunction

Timgabz Wrote: Feb 04, 2014 7:18 AM
Sovereignty is being yielded by the Obama's and Clinton's to the UN. The UN is a group of agenda driven autocrats who run when they hear a bang. They don't fulfill their mandate as they work to power balances. Yep - I fear them because I am not an idiot. Wild inflation is a historically proven reality if you keep printing without base. It is catastrophic and destroys savings and pensions in a cyclone of govt theft. Socialistic control, like with printing money, the messes before won't happen because they weren't doing it right and we are doing it right because it is us. Socialism has failed to deliver again and again and again.
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