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So they were all in peril?
Mistakes have occurred, Under duress they are more likely. Yes USA shot down the Iranian aircraft coming from a hostile area. Brilliant systems fail directly and with human error. Why did the missile system fail with those operating it? What were they hoping to shoot down? How do they select a target? The systems mentioned are sophisticated and controlled.
No not forget - understand. USA has very clever people but need to understand that the Syrians are not stupid and have their own clever people. As do the Russians. USA may have better ethics but evil still can be clever so running in shooting from the hip is a tad dangerous, particularly when you wrong someone who could be clever.
So you are thus implying that they knowingly let a civilian airliner fly into danger? Please provide the links to evidence. Kerry has spoken strongly about it but there is nothing but condemnation of Russia. Again I note that it depends largely on who posts the evidence.... The evidence was all posted afterwards?
That is a good comment, no need to leave anyone off the list. No I am not blaming anyone. I am surprised that the West has had such a passion for nailing Russia over the past 1/2 decade for everything but China is all QT. My % are biased towards Ukraine or the Separatists.
It depends on where it hits and the damage it does. In the late '70s two Viscounts were shot down by Zipra using Strela shoulder launched missiles. The ones being bandied around by the media are big ones and a near miss with proximity detonation would be able to down a 777. These were sophisticated and would most likely have hit directly.
At face value the evidence points to virtually everyone depending on who posted it.
What % would anyone apportion to the chances of who shot the plane down? Who dunnit? Ukraine%? Russia%? USA%? Germany%? Separatists%? ISSIS%? North Korea%? China%? This is an event that can cause a major war and we have idiots waving accusations around like light sabers but nothing material, not even a pic of a missile trail. Heck someone must have that!. All there exists is a wreck that showed the plane came apart well before impact. The same day there were many faked videos as well as one that showed the plane coming down (problem with two extra engines).
Russian propaganda vs American Propaganda? I think that is the problem, where is the truth? Is the truth relevant or if exposed only when convenient? Western Media has been caught lying too many times for people not to question even when they happen to be totally right. When to the Russians tell the truth? Well - I don't know them that well.
Then show me the smoking gun that USA claims.... and has not shown. Dude show the links and the information, not throwing of accusations... Show me something credible !!! None ,, just an idiot with insults and a religious belief in Obama and CNN.
My confidence in the credibility of main stream Western media has been sorely tested to the point I now automatically look for both sides of the story. The hard line of attacking before any proof has created a considerable level of disbelief and the conspiracy theorists are bobbing up everywhere. I am wondering when Timmy and Lassie will rock up. The Western media had blamed the Separatists virtually before the last debris had landed. I have yet to see a missile trail in any video, several that exist should have shown something? Maybe it was an environmentally friendly low emission missile? The very quick issuing of recordings of rebels discussing shooting the plane down was tacky, rough and questionable. All I can see is a direct attack on the Russians and Putin, to heck with everyone else who seem to be peripheral. So to date there has been no credible verification of the plane being shot down or even by who. Motives abound and include plain stupidity, but all we have is media hype. Stupidity is the one line I find difficult to swallow as the alleged missile system is very sophisticated, thus it would be difficult to use by amateurs.
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