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This is the real world, yup that is why there is due process and who is Kerry to deny it to others when you expect it yourself. There are considerable lines of inquiry that need closing off and following what they do have. Some of the so called evidence relied on has been countered so weakening Kerry's position. We don't want a situation that the Russians, Ukrainians or Separatists are given plenty of room through incompetence and who ever is guilty walk away. Looks like it has already been handed to them to paint enough doubt..... That is one reason why there is due process.
There will be evidence that can be corroborated, it takes work to compile a case. No what we do know is that Kerry has gone in shooting from the hip on very scanty information. He has made himself judge, jury and executioner.
And the rebels have how many aircraft that can be shot down?
Morning all, a night off and still no evidence, more questions, mudslinging, but no evidence. Some interesting counter claims though that noted that the launcher shown missing a missile was in Ukraine territory and noted the address. Not that they weren't involved, just that I should like to see more than Kerry's attacks with very little credible evidence. The liberals have gone bananas on this debate with all sorts of personal attacks but their faith in Obama's crew is verging on the religious, they need to get out a bit more, some from their basements....
Believing any politician without checking the facts is dumb.
I note you paint all you disagree with as Cynics.Further to that you have to reach past the contemporary meaning to its origin as a word to gain any real meaning. I have lack of faith in the systems because I have seen the consequences of rushing in where angels fail to tread. I have lived in many countries and seen poverty and abuse generated by systems imposed on people. I have seen the lies by news and politicians. If USA and UK didn't hide the truth and sometimes lie WW2 would have been very different. I am not condeming simply not believing until there is more than circumstantial evidence that Kerry should have had on his desk if 1/2 competent.
USA is supposed to have a very good surveillance and intelligence. Where is the smoking gun? They should likely have good info.
So you are still saying that with all this information, so credible, that they allowed all these planes fly into peril? Thus the dudes allowing them to fly into peril are to blame as well? Read the reports yourself - UN-VERI-FIED VIDEO ETC ETC. The claim of a satellite picture of a launch has not been published. That would help credit the claim. As I have said - nil/nux/nothing etc / There is more circumstantial evidence of Santa Claus.
That is a valid theory with weight but not a conclusion. The propaganda and public reaction has muddied the waters. That is my beef with the situation. The systems the media have related to have to be specifically operated with intent to fire.
So they were all in peril?
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