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Beware the Carbon Tax

Timgabz Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 4:36 AM
Take a look at what went to evolve Victorian Society to what exists today. The predicted innundation of horse manure from pre petrolium society never arose. The reality is that Cars as we know them are not the future, as were the cars of the '60s were for today. Oil dependency is strategically limiting. BUT the whole of society has to evolve to include accomodation for businesses and people. The current stock of property has to be changed as will be the use of cars. Electric cars chew more from the antiquated grid and with current structures will cause a knock on problem.

In his first energy speech of his second term, “President Barack Obama tried to move past partisan fights over energy policy on Friday with a modest proposal to fund research into cars that run on anything but gasoline.” The “modest proposal” is what he introduced in the State of the Union Address: an Energy Security Trust (EST)—which is a central part of his economic strategy.

The idea for an EST was developed by a collaboration of high-volume oil consumers and military leaders concerned about US energy security—put forth through a report titled “A National Strategy for Energy...