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Bill Maher: Ann Romney Has "Never Gotten Her A** Out of the House to Work"

Tim from Texas Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 4:36 AM
Pro-choice means the woman chooses the options that involve her body. To have the child, to have an abortion, or whatever. That makes it part of Women's rights. Pro-choice rallies are overwelmingly run and attended by women. Pro-life rallies tend to have a higher percentage of men attending than pro-choice rallies. The guy who only wants to erease "consequences" is usually only pro-choice in that regard, towards abortion. If you choose to always have protected sex, you have lowered your chances at catching an STD or ending up with "consequences". The chances of the man's choices being ignored are dramatically reduced. Second, there are both pro-life and pro-choice people in the democaratic party too. As for lies, you didn't prove he stated

The conservative outrage machine is going to churn on all cylinders over this one, I think -- and rightly so. Not necessarily because Maher said something unusually contemptible here, but for reasons we'll discuss in a moment. The infamous misogynist's shot at Ann Romney comes right around the 4:30 mark, as he ridicules Rosengate as a "meaningless controversy:"



“But what [Hilary Rosen] meant to say, I think, was that Ann...