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For the reasons the author points out, it is unlikely that Congress will dismantle the federal behemoth on its own. The only constitutional solution left is to amend the Constitution to restore its original limits on federal power and to impose other fundamental reforms like term limits. The problem is that Congress is no more going to launch such amendments than to pass laws limiting its power, and the state-called convention route, despite the enthusiasm of its supporters, is both unworkable and unrealizable. Therefore, we must reform Article V to permit the states to directly amend the Constitution without having to go through the archaic mechanism of a convention. See http://www.amendmentamendment.com
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Saying No to Rogue Federal Judges

Timely3 Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 1:13 PM
In order to check this judicial tyranny we need to reform the constitutional amendment process so that the states can directly initiate and enact amendments without having to go through the archaic and unworkable mechanism of a convention. See www.amendmentamendment.com.
This is an excellent critique of the DC GOP proposals. The problem is that the federal government accesses far more revenue than the states can. The way to balance this against the desire to promote state-based soutions to social welfare needs is to consolidate all federal scial welfare spending into a single, no strings attached annual block grant to the states on a strictly per capita basis. At the same time, all federal welfare agencies and departmetns are entirely abolished, so there are no federal regulators to restrict the states.
The problem is how to reverse all of the unconstitutional amendments that Stevens and his ilk have promulgated over the last 80 years. Legitimate constitutional amendment is the only effective way of restoring the original constitutional limits on federal power. Unfortunately, Congress will not initiate such amendments, and the convention method is risky and practically unworkable. Therefore we must first implement a proposal such as that made by Levin that will permit states to amend the Constitution without having to go through the untried and archaic mechanism of a convention. See http://www.timelyrenewed.com
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