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Which political party advocates the repeal of the 16th amendment, elimination of the income tax and the IRS ??
I'm in favor of individuals working together to build a pipeline. I oppose individuals using government coercion to acquire land to build a pipeline.
I'm thinking ice cream should be illegal.
People in the USA smoke marijuana ?? How do they find it ?? It's illegal.
True and these anti-freedom bigots will lose the war they are making against their fellow humans.
P.S. re: "The amount of death and human suffering that will follow in each country mean nothing to the left and the Democratic Party (and, to be fair, to the Libertarian Party as well) -- so long as there is no American involvement." This statement is a lie.
I disagree. If it is immoral to leave, then why, Mr. Prager, did you not go ?? Yes, there will be death and destruction after the American soldiers leave - Was there not death and destruction before the soldiers arrived? Was our goal to end the death and destruction, or some other? Why so fixated on your so-called needs of the United States and not upon the needs of the individual States or the individual humans that inhabit them? What amount of death and destruction is the benchmark to be met before American politicians commit the lives of American soldiers? How long must American soldiers inhabit Iraq and Afghanistan?? When do they come home to their home states?? What other countries, nations, ethnicities, religions should be sending fighters to Afghanistan and Iraq??
You already have the alternative - the Libertarian Party.
Looking forward to Hawkin's next article - "One Thing The Republicans Have Done To Lower Government Spending".
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The Enemy of Our Enemy

tim_lebsack Wrote: Jan 10, 2014 3:15 PM
There is more petroleum reserved in North America than in the Middle East. Let Saudi Arabia send armies if they wish to promote one side over the other.
Perhaps this is the result of the USA quartering troops on every corner of the globe.
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