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So what. What does race have to with it? A leech is a leech. I could care less what color they are.
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Is Liberalism Keeping The Poor, Poor?

Tim91 Wrote: Aug 05, 2013 9:38 AM
Is Liberalism Keeping The Poor, Poor? Yes!
Romney may have had great business skills but he is a wimp. He is a loser like mclame. And if the Republicans keep nomininating unelectable losers they may as well just hand the presidency over to shrillary in 2016.
What a shocker someone in the obozo administration is on vacation! They are always on vacation. The real shocker would be seeing one of them doing their job.
Celebutards never met dictator they did not like.
- SEXIST LANGUAGE: Washington lawmakers are completing work to strip the state's books of sexist language. References to "his" will be changed to "his or her," college "freshmen" will become "first-year students" and "penmanship" will be called "handwriting. More regressive control freak lunacy.
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New Jersey Sen. Lautenberg dead at 89

Tim91 Wrote: Jun 03, 2013 11:11 AM
Good riddance. One less control freak in DC.
Democrat on Ted Cruz: "I Don't Think He Should Be Defined As A Hispanic And bill richardson should not be defined as "intelligent".
Tamara Holder is another in a long line of left wing control freaks and a perfect example of why i cannot stand any of them.
The tax payers always pay the bill. And the control freaks in Washington pat themselves on the back and take all of the credit.
Obozo is a typical leftist control freak. Shove obozocare down our throats and expect us to pick up the tab.
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