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Better Republican Communication Needed

tim764 Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 8:32 AM
Maybe the republicans need to change in order to win. More likely, they would benefit from first realizing they could not win against this man and his machine. They have the press, they have the money, and they have Axelrod. They transformed a mediocre candidate into a messiah. Possibly the public will realize soon that the king has no clothes. We can only hope for change.

"First you win the argument -- then you win the vote," is the now well-known quote from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. President Ronald Reagan was the last Republican president who understood and used that strategy.

President Barack Obama and his team also understand the phrase and are using it to their advantage. They are making a full-court press in the public arena to lay out their argument against sequestration and for more taxes.

"In a few days," Obama said this week in Virginia, "Congress might allow a series of immediate, painful, arbitrary budget cuts to take place -- known in Washington...