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Democrats Shaking in Their Boots

Tim498 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 8:20 AM
Our President tries to look like he doesn't have a clue! WRONGO-DONGO, he knows exactly what he's doing. His goal is to make the United States of America into a SOCIALIST STATE. Hopefully once he's voted out of office, he'll be prosecuted for MISAPPROPIATION OF FEDERAL FUNDS. What do you think really happened to all the money he gave to Solendra? You don't think some of it fell into Barry's pocket do you????
Dan107 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 10:39 AM
Quid pro quo deals of tax payer money in return for campaign donations. These deals are actionable that can lead to impeachment under the High Crimes and Misdemeanor Clause of the Constitution.
I'm more concerned about Obama's misuse of the office, and conspiracy to commit the murder of two federal law enforcement agents.
The Republican National Convention started off as an anxiety-ridden, soggy, depressing mess on Monday morning. By Tuesday night, the Democratic Party and Barack Obama in particular had to be an anxiety-ridden, soggy, depressing mess.

The transition between Monday morning and Tuesday evening was stunning. The Republican Party went into the convention on a low note after Rep. Todd Akin, Missouri Senate candidate, suggested that women's magic uteruses protect them from becoming pregnant via "legitimate rape," enmeshing the GOP in a battle of demagoguery over abortion. Meanwhile, the convention had a legitimate shot at cancellation; it seemed that the entire city was going...