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I am totally and absolutely amazed every time Palooosy starts flappin her yucker! The poor old gal hasn't got a single clue on anything that doesn't have to do with facial plastic surgery. All she knows politically is that you have to "pass it so you can find out what's in it"....
Let me ask you this, WHO GIVES A RATS REAR??? You know going in that most of what she wrote is pure B---S---!! Hill Clinton is the cure for insomnia... The only real question that she should answer is "where do you get those ridiculous outfits you ware"???
Sociopaths never apologize because in their mind they've not done anything wrong...If you look closely you'll notice a large lump on Bama's right sholder. That's from pat'n himself on the back...
Well if that makes you sick listen to this. Hilly and Willy broke up, and roomer has it that she's dating that little bald headed dude that runs the IRS.
She looks like Howdy Doody's grandma so she probably should run all of her campaign adds in the funny papers......
It's more than obvious that Barry Bama is protecting all of the dems within his reach to cover his own A--. Could you imagine what it would happen to the poor B-----D if his entire posse told the truth at one time???
Pelosi isn't even good at being a stupid idiot. Where do these people come from? She's probably still trying to find her way out of the men's room...(had to place a vote somewhere)..
VERY WELL PUT..... Where are the elected republicans, and why haven't they started the IMPEACHMENT process???
Bucky Bama plays the race card every day, all day long. (I can do anything I want to, and you won't stop me cause I'm black. YOU ARE ALL AFRAID OF ME!!!) He taught Hilly to do the same thing using the DREADED GENDER CARD....It's a WONDERFUL LIFE ain't it. Mama says "Every time a bell rings, the president told another LIE".
Ya ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR (one way or the other)!!!!!!!!!And YOU NEVER GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts

Tim498 Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 9:35 AM
Impeach Bama before he's able to appoint Bergdahl to a cabnet position.....The way the bonehead is running this country serves his socialist agenda perfectly, and that is to cause as much damage as possible while the opportunity affords itself.
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