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How many demographic suck a----s' will end up in prison when Yomama is no longer in office and unable cover for them???
Well-----he stepped in again.....Every thing the poor b-----d touches turns to $--t.
Well there ya have it!!! He's one of em'..... Plain as the nose on his face!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now let me see if I've got this right............Because Christians did what they did hundreds of years ago, it's ok for ISIS to do what they do today. I mean that's what the COWARD N CHIEF is saying. Bama should be hung by the neck until dead for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm SHOCKED that Bama hasn't placed him in a cabnet position!!!!!!
How in the world did Bama miss Blasio? He's a perfect fit for a Dept of Justice spot.
The President of the United States is a liar, thief and a world class A-- Hole. If you don't believe me just ask his old lady...
Bama is one lucky dude..........It amazes me that he's still alive.......
Well what did you expect, the KING can do anything he wants. And the republicans are nothing but a bunch of P----S!!!! This country has ABSOLUTLY no leadership. Bama is nothing but an egotistical, know-it-all, coward and bully, and should be treated as such. The more illegal stuff he gets away with, the more he'll pull.
I get the biggest KICK out of guys like this John dude. They cry and cry about Law Enforcement and how Officers work when they plain old "don't have a clue" how things are done. I was a Police Officer for 33 years in the 5th largest city in California and know for a fact that if John Boy had to strap on a badge and a gun every day and hit the streets he'd have to take along several pairs of clean under shorts... But that's ok John we all understand that you're not real BRIGHT, and probably some what of a COWARD........
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