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You wish, ABC, you silly idiots. Is that all you can do--worship incompetent Marxist tyrants? Take your Clinton worship and shove it the same place you put your Obama worship. You're a disgrace to America and everything it stands for.
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Behind the Russian Rage

Tim4565 Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 4:20 PM
Only one problem with this whole analogy--the "Soviet Union" was never legitimate to start with. The Russians stole the lands and freedoms of dozens of indigenous states without those states' approval. Now the Russians are angry because those people want to be free from Russian rule. Sure, Putin is popular in Russia, but that doesn't mean he is right. The West was right to deny the legitimacy of the first Soviet Union, and it ought to prevent the emergence of a second one. But with Obama in charge, that will never happen.
A continuing farce. Who will Issa threaten next when this guy fails to comply? They're all cowards.
Someone needs to tell Murthy to stick to medicine and to stop injecting radical, unconstitutional political views into his job description.
It would be nice if Townhall could provide a transcript of these videos.
Every statement you make is an interpretation. Sure, America needs a "spiritual" fix, but who will decide which "spiritual" laws America will follow? Who will make the judgments that finalize America's moral positions? Will you take us back to 1950, or 1850, or 1550? Whose "spiritual" rules will become the new laws after you take charge? Will we have the freedoms that our Constitution guarantees us, or will you, as the new Cromwell, remove those freedoms?
Disagree. Any and every way the Rs can show America what kind of evil, terrible people the Clintons are is a plus. The only people who will see HRC as a victim--you said it yourself--are the far left-wingers. Let them sing her praises. Everyone else will see her for what she is--evil incarnate. Tell every evil thing she has ever done, and there are plenty of them to tell.
“I’m trying to be really candid and honest on this show.” In other words, I'm NOT really candid and honest on most OTHER shows. But on THIS SHOW, I'll be candid and honest. Thanks for that explanation, Senator. And to think--the people of MO re-elected this paragon and have her for 6 more years. You deserve her, Missouri. You had a chance to be rid of her, but N-O-O . . .
Pathetic. This was not what the Republicans needed to say in response to Obama's imperial leftism. Who is in charge up there? Who is making these decisions? With "leaders" like these, no wonder the Republicans are losing. It's time for the Republicans to clean house.
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A Finger On the Scales

Tim4565 Wrote: Jan 26, 2014 3:58 PM
The reason more academics self-identify as liberals is because there are more liberals than conservatives in academia, by at least 3-1. The reason for that is the liberals' near-monopoly on hiring in the last 50-60 years. Naturally, the liberals won't admit this, but they have controlled academic hiring--illegally controlled, btw--in most public and in almost all private universities since at least 1960.
"a party that has confidence in its own ideas"--? What ideas? The Democrats attack the people (ad hominem) and not the ideas precisely because they have no ideas of their own. It's all they know how to do. But the radical-left press lefts them get away with it--no accountability. If we had an ethical press (there's an oxymoron), the Dems would have to change.
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