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If Republicans don't stop this they will have Civil War II on their hands.
Lets all break the law if illegal aliens can.
We The People will be staying home on Thursday and Friday, November 20th & 21st in protest of Obama's Amnesty of Illegal Immigrants in United States of America. We will also not be shopping for those two days.
Do those "Republicans" include Boehner and McConnell?
Mandantory e-verify would be ten times more effective than a fence which Obama won't patrol anyway.
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Lessons for the GOP for 2016

Tim341 Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 3:53 PM
How about this lesson. Oregon's Measure 88 stopping illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses passed with 68% of the vote. That is more than any winning candidate received. Immigration enforcement is a big winner. That is the lesson.
Deport illegal aliens or be primaried. Got the RINOs?
In California anyone can register, no ID required.
When the soap box and ballot box are corrupted and rendered useless, the last resort to maintain our liberty and rights is the cartridge box. Be prepared, join your local militia:
Dem gerrymandering is much worse, they include most non-citizens in Dem districts so American citizen vote is diluted even more.
Along with other voter fraud, this is how Harry Reid and Obama were re-elected.
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