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Deport illegal aliens or be primaried. Got the RINOs?
In California anyone can register, no ID required.
When the soap box and ballot box are corrupted and rendered useless, the last resort to maintain our liberty and rights is the cartridge box. Be prepared, join your local militia:
Dem gerrymandering is much worse, they include most non-citizens in Dem districts so American citizen vote is diluted even more.
Along with other voter fraud, this is how Harry Reid and Obama were re-elected.
I have a place waiting in China.
No thanks to loser and traitor Karl Rove. If he would disappear the GOP's chances of takeover would be 100%.
Because Indiana has laws against illegal aliens, Texas does not.
"My policies are on the ballot" Barack Obama Hope everyone has heard and remembers that next month.
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Dallas Mayor: Ebola Nurse a 'hero'

Tim341 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 3:56 PM
Yes she is. And the person who allowed her infection and Ebola into the USA Barack Hussein Obama is??
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