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They hate the USA and our freedoms.
You mean, have they been corrupted and bought off by the US Chamber billionaire traitors? The answer is yes.
Yes a type of racism is involved, Obama hates Americans! And yet he expects us to approve of his destruction of our lives and country?
100 years of Depressions, inflation, and monetary theft.
What "big fish" are you referring to?
MJ legalization has greatly increased over the past five years so "drug wars" are not responsible for the illegal alien increase, it's something else. Like the Obama Dream Amnesty.
Total BS article!! More illegal children are crossing to sign up for the Obama Dream Amnesty! To use "Mother Jones" as a source is journalist malpractice.
Hopefully OLN will give the Robertsons a show.
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Gun Confiscation Underway in New York

Tim341 Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 6:59 PM
Wait until the illegal Mexicans start voting, Texas will have a Dem legislature.
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