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Bush Candor Could Win the Day

Tim341 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 4:26 PM
This is why I don't subscribe to Townhall, they employ racist traitors like Linda Chavez.
By this logic Bush should be advocating Bernie Madoff be let out of prison. Oh I forgot, Madoff stole from the rich elite like Bush, while illegal aliens only steal from low and middle class Americans while helping the rich get richer.
Convict, imprison, deport a few of the billionaire traitors like Bush who support it. The rest would get the message and start enforcing the immigration laws.
You must mean CONVICTED felons, almost every illegal alien commits multiple felonies in order to work, the government traitors just don't bother to prosecute and convict them for it.
This traitor needs to have his citizenship revoked and then deported to Mexico along with his Mexican wife.
This "Ryan budget" is a giant farce, he also supports mass amnesty for illegal aliens, THAT will make it impossible to ever balance our budget.
The media is part of the corruption.
Why not be really honest and come out against the entire US Constitution. That is the true Dem Party mindset.
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