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He is a good man, would have been an outstanding president, and we are very sorry he did not get very far. All was stacked, deliberatly, against him, as the Republicans do not want someone to change their comfortable ways in DC. Very sad. We will vote for Mr. Romney, but our heart is with Newt. Mr. Romney is a very liberal man, and does not have the backbone to stand up to those in DC, or for that matter to debate Obama. I sure hope and pray Romney does win and that he chooses Newt for a post that will use his many talents. Mr. Obama is a VERY dangerous man....he wants our country to fall apart, so he can rebuild it, as a socialist/communist country.
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May Madness and Mothers Gone Mad

Tim3345 Wrote: May 12, 2012 9:27 AM
Wonderful column, Jackie; thank you!! I love the original reason for starting, "Mother's Friendship Day". What a special lady she was, and wan an honor here daughter gave her!
Great article. I am not black so hope it is okay to comment : ) The family used to be so strong in the black community, with the dad as the glue, and with that gone, and the immorality that has struck the WHOLE nation, with the advent of "the pill", allowing the promiscuity it be rampant, abortions to be rampant, and a great percentage of black babies being killed before birth, it is a tough time for all. How many know that this was Margaret Sanger's plan, to get rid of the "undesirables" , the "weeds", the "teaming masses who are noncontributing "? She was a terrible woman, and embraced all the Hitler did. ALL families are under attack right now,.Let us pray for that to change, quickly.
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