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People like this are insulated from the real every day world of middle America. They have lunch, work with, and socialize with like minds and never are really challenged to think or live in anything but a sheltered, protected existence. Their 'enlightened' minds can't really comprehend what real citizens deal with. It's the main reason we should merely turn them off.
The DemocRATS are scurrying for cover. They are self-serving parasites with no scruples at all. I have more respect for out and out dictators than these slithering progressives.
You are soooooooo right! Why can't people get it?
I love this idea! Brilliant.
I'm guessing that this same judge wouldn't require a devout Muslim chef to cook pork barbeque which is against his religious practice. These are the same people that see a baby as a threat to a women's 'freedom'.
Congress always dilutes the cure. We have term limits for POTUS...why not for Congress as well?
I can barely watch any video of this 'p'resident speaking. He squirms and wiggles and lies like a salamander. I think Jimmy Carter should be relieved that he has been vastly surpassed in incompetence and damage done to the nation.
I'm glad there is a hell.
If we had a knowledgeable populace and a Congress that cared, we could impeach this Socialist on numerous violations of his oath of office...but instead we have an apathetic 47% that is ignorant of history and a Congress that is more interested in getting re-elected and not rocking the boat. We will have to crash before we can build back up again.
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White House Promotes "White House Youth"

Tim3014 Wrote: Dec 03, 2013 12:40 PM
I can't say that I'm surprised at this. I knew the Second Term would be much more revealing of his true colors than the first. Can there be any doubt about what is in the White House? (The scarey part is that so many voters don't read history and don't realize the connection or alarm of this sort of thing). Uninformed, idiot citizens will be the reason for our collapse. Gun ownership looks better with each passing day. I'm definitely going to Cabela's and buy that AR15 that I had my eye on....just because I can.
We will hear assine comments from this statist well into his golden years. He will never see his idiocy until Judgement Day.
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