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The Jewish people are marching themselves to a new Holocast, ignoring every historical lesson, marching to the Messiah of Marx as propogated by the New Democratic Socialists (still called "Democrats" here in the good old US)........how is that possible? Don't know, I'm not a psyciatrist.....it's quite a spectacle.
Bill has been a disgrace for years. He bends over so far backwards to pander to the left - all in the name of expanding his audience - that he sounds like Obama. He can't bear to criticise "Dear Leader".... can't imagine that he might actually be a Socialist (No, Bill- he's a full blown Marxist); and Billy supports every gov't program "for our own good". Pathetic. Let's not forget Bill started out in the breadbasket of Socialist thought - New York. He can't help himself.
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Chris Rock's Tweet Beyond the Pale

Tim231 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 10:31 AM
How pathetic and telling it is that someone of Ken Blackwell's background would succumb to such Racist trash. Chris Rock is Hollywood garbage, an elitist, rich, spoiled child who's never worked a day in his life. Douglas' speech preceded the bloodiest war fought in the history of man - which boors like Chris, Matthews, Jackson, Sheila Jackson Lee, and all the other Race-baiters convieniently ignore. Enough. It's time to start punishing these traitorous scum, not making excuses for them. How about a one-way ticket to Cuba for the whole lot?
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