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Chris Rock's Tweet Beyond the Pale

Tim231 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 10:31 AM
How pathetic and telling it is that someone of Ken Blackwell's background would succumb to such Racist trash. Chris Rock is Hollywood garbage, an elitist, rich, spoiled child who's never worked a day in his life. Douglas' speech preceded the bloodiest war fought in the history of man - which boors like Chris, Matthews, Jackson, Sheila Jackson Lee, and all the other Race-baiters convieniently ignore. Enough. It's time to start punishing these traitorous scum, not making excuses for them. How about a one-way ticket to Cuba for the whole lot?
rwright Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 5:51 PM
When did "free speech " become traitorous? Does a black man not have 1st amendment rights? You,sir , are the reason why many people completely disregard comments which may actually possess a grain of truth, but that truth is lost in the rhetoric surrounding it.

Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Bob Morrison.

Comedian Chris Rock has stoked the flames of controversy with this Fourth of July tweet. The Hollywood comic wrote: "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks." Rock's tweet sparked plenty of day-after fireworks. What he wrote went beyond the pale, responded many online, hurt and enraged at Rock's bitter humor.

Chris Rock's tweet was beyond the pale. It was doubtless his effort to capitalize on the 160th anniversary of that great Fifth of July speech delivered by black abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Douglass addressed...