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Despite Media Claims, Survey Shows NRA Members United

Tim23 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 2:42 PM
I agree with the NRA on all of their stance on how to deal with gun violence and gun control, and to protect our 2nd amendment. That is why I renewed my membership some more years, and will become a lifetime member when I am able and get some tax money back I am having to pay to give all liberal socialist voters special entitlement programs.

It's the common talking point from left leaning media and gun control advocates: NRA leaders are out of touch with NRA members and the organization is disagreement over top gun control issues. Turns out, the exact opposite is true. The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action conducted a national scientific poll of NRA members this week and found the vast majority are on the same page regarding a wide range of issues, in particular when it comes to new gun control measures and how to prevent mass shootings. One-thousand members were randomly selected for the poll. The NRA is...