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I loved this response from Colion Noir.
The only thing I want to hear out of this slime's mouth is: "I will not answer any more questions until I have met with my attorney".
Liberals are my enemy. Regardless of gender.
Why is Ayers still breathing?
So...the RINO's tick off the conservatives again. The conservatives sit out the next election (again), and the Dems keep winning. Anyone else getting the feeling we're screwed, blued, and tatooed?
He's pushing his race, over the Constitution. POS! LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY!
"Criticism is mounting in Anne Arundel County over the recent gift of a lifetime NRA membership given by county Republicans to the boy who was disciplined for a pop tart incident. The 8 year old was suspended for nibbling a pastry in the rough shape of a handgun in the cafeteria at Park Elementary earlier this year. A school official expressed outrage for what he considers the exploitation of a child for political purposes. Anne Arundel County school spokesman Bob Mosier called giving the membership "outrageous." "It's outrageous that elected state officials...would exploit an 8 year old child for purely political purposes with a stunt like this," Mosier told WBAL News. "It's outrageous."" You know what's outrageous? These PC fools who are in charge of indoctrinating our children. Send this school a comment. I did.
Okay, Fine. Now please shut your pie hole and go away,
Yet, he's content to discriminate against law-abiding gun owners due to the acts of a few. Gads, I despise this administration AND libtards...
She lies. They lie. They all lie. Question remains, what are we going to do about it?
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