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People still live in that s---hole?
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Why the Media Hates the South

Ticked Wrote: Sep 20, 2013 12:50 PM
Well, as I hate the media, I guess we're even now.
How can we arrange check points at all roads coming in and out of Kali?
What a CLOWN! I can no longer even consider the left as just the "opposing party" Enemy seems more fitting.
I wonder how they feel about Voter ID NOW?? LOL.....
I loved this response from Colion Noir.
The only thing I want to hear out of this slime's mouth is: "I will not answer any more questions until I have met with my attorney".
Liberals are my enemy. Regardless of gender.
Why is Ayers still breathing?
So...the RINO's tick off the conservatives again. The conservatives sit out the next election (again), and the Dems keep winning. Anyone else getting the feeling we're screwed, blued, and tatooed?
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