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So if you can't communicate with your boss how do know what you are supposed to do in your job? How can you talk to customers? How can you follow verbal safety instructions? How do you follow written safety instructions? If the person is here illegally how do they have a Social Security number. Does the Federal Government issue. An SSN to illegals? What we have is a government gone wild.
Freedom of religion has been supplanted by freedom from religion by the tolerant left.
How does birth control work? Hmmmm? It seems that mom and dad told me to keep it zipped.
Sounds a lot like some women are so cheap that they would rather die than pay for their own birth control. Congress did not put these requirements into the ACA, HHS did and at the same time gave exemptions to Obamacare for over 1,000 companies. What was in those exemptions?
Carlos, You are so much more elegant than I.
Some feel they need to help these poor folks escape the violence in their Central American countries. What about helping the folks who live in Detroit, Chicago and Oakland?
It is much easier to go to war with an ideology that has a nation-state than one that has no nation-state or is merely allowed to operate within a nation-state.
The IRS also doesn't "have" Lois Lerner's e-mails either.
Researchers have discovered that people will believe anything that researchers say they have discovered.
Looks like the term "Star Wars" will take on an entirely new meaning.
Tenth century minds with twentieth century weapons.
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