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When you give certain groups special treatment, when you allow others to cut in line, when you rant that America is a racist country why would you expect that the people you shove aside are going to support you? You give people a check and think that is enough while you proceed to insult and degrade them? The Federal government still acts as an occupying force in the South despite the fact that the Civil War was over. In fact there never was a "civil war" but the victors write the books. There was a lot more to the Civil War than slavery. It was a big but not the only issue. From a southern perspective it was about an overbearing Federal government. Slavery did have to end. The Founders thought they could end it by the way they compromised when the Constitution was written, but the cotton gin put an end to that hope for the demise of slavery. I dare say that the South has changed very much in its racial attitudes. The liberal Democrats never gave credit to that change. Don't you get tired of hearing the "Yes, but......."
I didn't watch the Oscars for they have merely become a political show not an awards show. Class has given way to crass.
Stereotypes exist for two reasons: first, as you say the person is lazy. The second reason stereotypes exist is that there is truth in the stereotype.
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Black Christians Love Israel

tibby2 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 2:42 PM
The CBC is a liberal organization. Liberals don't like Israel.
What few seem to realize is that the Constitution has been overthrown already by those who think like the socialists and communists of other countries. When Obama said that he would bypass Congress if they did not do what he wanted and that he had a pen and a phone that was throwing the Constitution away. What do you think fundamentally transforming America was all about?
And Fearless Leader served where????
Haven't seen any of the movies nominated. There are some I plan to see. From the snippets I've seen here and there it may be that the guy who won Best Actor for the portrayal of Stephen Hawking may well have deserved the acting award. That award was for a movie. Chris Kyle won the lifetime achievement award in my book. Sounds like Cooper did a great job in helping us to understand why he is deserving of that award.
You can't judge Islam because of what so many muslim terrorists do but you can condemn the entire GOP for what one man says.
There is much about Obama's upbringing that is routinely ignored. It is hiding in plain sight.
Obama questioned Bush's patriotism.
Kelly's job is to challenge everyone. You will not find that in the MSM. The last guy in the MSM to do that was Tim Russert. When he died Fair and Balanced in that show died with him.
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