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Perhaps it is time to stop completely all humanitarian aid to every country that espouses terrorism, jihad or harbors terrorists.
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Stop Criminalizing Parenting

tibby2 Wrote: 17 hours ago (11:34 AM)
It takes a village to raze a child. (Liberal philosophy results)
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The Ineffective Death Tax

tibby2 Wrote: 19 hours ago (9:52 AM)
Whether a policy works or not is irrelevant to a leftist. It is about the philosophical and psychological impact it has. What if the heirs decides not to spend a dime? Then the money is left where it is and is available to be loaned to others or continues to earn taxable income. What if the heirs spend all the money? Then the money circulates back into the economy bypassing the middleman cut that taxes would take and be used to buy political favor. The most effective and efficient use of the assets is to leave them alone in the private sector but therein lies the problem. Leftists do not believe in the private sector and only trust government. If government were the solution to the problem then all big government countries would be prosperous and growing and their citizens would be living much better lifestyles than the U.S.
So true but at this point if they are smart it is the only fighting chance they have.
There was a time when Christianity was cruel and brutal toward non-Christians. Torture was used to coerce confessions and conversions. Only from within did Christianity change when they actually began to follow Christ's teachings. It took a long time and was only accomplished from within. Part of the problem is that Islam has never emerged from its dark ages and their Koran says it is ok to do the things they are doing to non-believers. The political language of Islam makes it extremely difficult for Islam to shed its violent image and there is extreme pressure from within to conform to that same violent image. Witness what ISIS does to its fellow Muslims who do not conform. Islam is at a crossroads. It can either reform from within to shed its violent nature or their will ultimately be a catastrophic war. They think they can win that military conflict. The west will have to demonstrate otherwise and the west will have to use extreme measures to prove that point when the day comes that Islam flexes it's WMD muscle.
The real story is not about access to birth control and it isn't about politicians, who are not physicians, trying to get the pill as an OTC medication. The real question is why an organization who is clamoring for access to birth control would be opposed to greater access to birth control?
Excellent lesson in "tolerance". They are training good little Democrats.
Why would Obama want to fix a problem he knowingly and deliberately created? The Democrats know what he is doing and agree with him. That is precisely why they will not support any measures sent to them that will help secure the border. The Democrat controlled Senate will make sure of that.
I have to chuckle at the questions asked: why weren't the planes armed, how come they couldn't find UAL 93, why did it take so long for info to trickle down, why is this story only coming out now? (If you lived in Israel it would have been different. They have been on a war footing for about a half century) Real life isn't as easy or as simple as the movies.
Presuming an aircraft is down, speculating an aircraft is down and confirming an aircraft is down are different things. Transitioning to a "war" footing within the 48 probably doesn't happen as quickly as it does in the movies. Commanders are likely bombarded with questions and info from every direction and it must be sorted out and prioritized. You don't have time to let everyone know what is going on. The decision makers are notified first everyone else finds out later.
Keep in mind he isn't dodging his opposition, he is dodging the people who would tune into the debate.
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