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Random Thoughts

tibby2 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 9:30 AM
I believe Dr. So we'll is spot on in his assessment of Eric Holder's resignation. In the early days of the country the Catholic colony of Maryland welcomed non-Catholics into their colony. Once those non-Catholics were numerous enough to control government they proceeded to pass anti-Catholic laws. Let the wrong kind of people into the country and the same thing will happen again. History will be repeated by those who have not learned the lessons of the past.
While seemingly news, this has been previously reported and has been forgotten by many. Nonetheless, it is important to remind America.
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Netanyahu: "Hamas is ISIS; ISIS is Hamas"

tibby2 Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 8:07 PM
Now if we could just get the Sunni terrorists and the Shiite terrorists to kill each other.....
Perhaps the God guy does those things to see what you would do to help. Still waiting for the bolt of lightning to show you the way?
When you are afflicted with videorectumitis you can't see what is coming at you.
I guess the Republican "war on women" wasn't brought up by Democrats in this race?
Pura vida Just noticed my earlier post and the mangling of your screen name. Do you know how to turn of this infernal spell checker/ word anticipator thing on an I-pad? Apologies for not catching that sooner.
Pura vida Of course I don't get it. I have led a sheltered life and know nothing of the world. You are absolutely correct !
Cajuns are the only folks who made a cuisine out of burning food, "Cajun Blackened".
Empty the prisons early, trade 5 Taliban commanders for a deserter and collaborator, invite his parents to the White House and still a Marine who made a wrong turn at the border rots in a Mexican jail. At least we know where Presb's sympathies lay.
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