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If it weren't for heterosexuals there'd be no homosexuals.
Cut in line at a restaurant or movie and see how much you "inspire" others in back of you.
I may be wrong on this but I think men and women were designed to be different and made to be together as one to complement and complete each other.
Freedom of speech, or freedom from speech. Freedom of religion, or freedom from religion. Liberals fear free speech. They can't chance that others may hear a different viewpoint.
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The Common Core Conundrum

tibby2 Wrote: Apr 18, 2014 8:22 AM
Did ya ever stop and think that the engineers and scientists that sent men to the moon were educated before there was a Department of Education? Liberals believe that the states are too stupid to operate their own education system free of big government influence. Ever notice that test scores started to decline with the advent of teacher unions and the rise of liberalism, aka collectivism?
Why is government even in the marriage business in the first place? "Marriage" as far as the government is concerned is really about property rights. Government thinks it is "their" property and they only let you keep what they don't want and reluctantly lets you leave some, but not all, to your "spouse". Government no longer respects or protects property rights. Marriage "rights" and gay "rights" are a myth.
Too bad Ollie didn't run guns to drug dealers. The left would have made him a hero.
But I thought it was 30 to 40 million that had no insurance? What happened to the others? Even if all 8 million were those that never had insurance that would leave at least 75% or so that still had no insurance. That is what you call success? Score about 25% on a test in school and it is termed a dismal failure.
That's pretty close to the 47% that Romney spoke about.
Obamacare is working like Democrats have planned and as Republicans have predicted.
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15 Examples Of "Liberal Privilege"

tibby2 Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 10:53 AM
Liberals love diversity of color. Conservatives love diversity of thought. The former judges by the color of your skin while the latter judges by the content of your character.
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