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500 Military Commanders Endorse Romney

tibby2 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 2:24 PM
Many of the comments on Townhall are nothing more than trolls who copy-paste all sorts of off-topic screeds. This is intentional. The objective is to sabotage Townhall conversation. Liberals want to silence opposition. This is from their playbook. If you will notice there is a grouping of familiar names that periodically change but often use the same or similar verbiage. It is time Townhall give each of use not merely a "Flag as offensive" button but a troll button. That button will filter those 'trolls" with that screen name from our view. Each may select their own 'trolls" they do not choose to see. It will not affect anyone else. Let each of us be our own censor of what we choose to read. Power to the people.

500 generals and admirals have endorsed Mitt Romney. These are military commanders who have had no previous involvement with Romney's campaign. (