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Rape Survivor: A Call Box Above My Head While I Was Being Brutally Raped Wouldn't Have Helped

ThumpasaurasVox Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 9:15 PM
No one thinks a sign or a law will automatically stop bad behavior. You do not get wisdom points for noticing the limited power of rules. ------------------------------------------------------------ And you don't get points for ignoring or blithely dismissing the rules you subjectively deem to be deleterious to your version of some nebulous concept of truth. You call conservatives conceited and myopic yet you ignore fundamental tenets that form the foundation of our country. Your "truth" loves to ignore at least two constitutional amendments and god only knows how much case law.

Amanda Collins is a young rape survivor. While in college in 2007, she was raped 50 feet away from the campus police department office at the University of Nevada-Reno and was lucky to get out alive. Her attacker was James Biela, a serial rapist who raped two other women and murdered another. He attacked her at gun point in a gun free zone. At the time of the attack, Collins was in possession of a concealed weapons permit but was not in possession of her firearm due to university policies prohibiting carrying concealed weapons on campus. She was also a...