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Fighting the Last War

ThuggoAndMoochie Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 10:07 AM
Miss Thin Miss Piggy says, "Mitt Romney isn't a liberal. He isn't even a moderate. And he certainly isn't liked by the Times." --------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, we guess that settles that. The mere fact that the NYT now doesn't officially approve of one our candidates makes them a de facto conservative! Thanks for the tip, Ann. And we noticed how the NYT "laid off" of McCain after he was nominated! Yeppers, they sure did! We shudder to think of what they'd have done if they didn't "like" the guy! BTW, the NYT doesn't say too much about Vermont's Bernie Sanders either. Does that make him less of a Commie?
wiseone Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 10:26 AM
John McCain was the NYT's favorite Republican until he got the GOP nomination for President. Then, suddenly, he was chopped liver.

No sane conservative or Republican gives a hoot what the NYT says or thinks.
jim39 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 10:23 AM
Excellent points; excellent post.
In a fast-changing world, a common mistake is to keep fighting the last war.

For example, why would Republicans support sending more troops to Afghanistan, when that war was long over, or helping topple Moammar Gadhafi, who had become an ally in the war on terrorism? Some Republicans seem to support all military deployments just out of habit.

For years after the 9/11 terrorist attack on America, Democrats hysterically bemoaned any military action, especially in Iraq. They claimed to have many precious objections, but the truth was, they thought we deserved the attack -- or at best, both sides were at...