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More precisely, they'd be official saints and prayed to by this administration.
Social justice may be YOUR motive, dummy, but we can assure you it isn't the motive of criminals like Obama and Holder.
Social justice is people willingly help their neighbors who deserve it. When those same people steal other people's money to "help" undeserving people, it's called a gang of criminals.
Scott, denial is a psychological disorder with otherwisde moral, decent people for the most part.. In the case of these unrepentent commies and thier fellow-travelers, they're merely amoral, criminal sociopaths telling flat out lies they KNOW to be lies!
When West calls a commie a commie, it's polarizing; when Bill Maher calls one of the most kind and decent woman in America a cu*t, why it's hilarious!
TN, we gave them the schools in the late 40s, and that was the beginning of the end. Conservatives were too "busy" making a living to recognize the damage being done to the culture and our way of life. Give any nation your children and your own slavery will soon follow.
One can sense that the end is near for this country - and I mean in the most literal of senses. There will be hell to pay, especially for the mainstream, leftist media which gladly helped in the destruction of this once great country.
They're not cluesless at all, sir. They're thugs and criminals. People like you dismissing them as clueless merely plays right into their hands. Calling Holder clueless is like calling OJ Simpson clueless.
However, if Holder were a republican, the Stupid Party would have thrown him under the bus for a speeding ticket! And you wonder why they keep sticking it right up our keyster.
Too bad they weren't Black Panthers instead.
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