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FrackNation Coming to Your TV Tuesday Night

Threeup Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 10:17 AM
Troubled, the Parker County link is very old news. As it turns out, the gas in the water wells came from a shallow methane formation immediately below the water table, and not from the wells Range drilled and fracked. The occurrence of methane in local wells was common knowledge among area residents for 20+ years. These facts were established during proceedings at the Texas Railroad Commission (the Texas agency which regulates oil and gas operations), and in the suit Range filed against the EPA in U.S. District Court. Uncontroverted expert testimony evidenced different biogenic markers in the gas produced from the Range wells and the gas in the water wells. It was simply a headline grab by the EPA - which lost the case badly.

Today's the day. FrackNation: A Journalist's Search For The Fracking Truth premieres on AXS television at 9 pm EST tonight. It's awesome, it's factual, it's funny and you should watch it. Journalists Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney have spent years putting this film together, have traveled many miles to ask important questions about Fracking and are bringing you the answers in their new film. They fully debunk Josh Fox's Oscar nominated "Gasland," which promotes lies and distortions about Fracking. McAleer and McElhinney also show the damaging effects Fracking bans have had on the economy and local communities. Even the...