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YUP! Standard operating procedure in any gun-free zone.
So, that reading comprehension disability hasn't improved any, huh?
One, that we know of
You've been hanging around Debbie, haven't you? That makes NO SENSE, what-so-ever.
Debbie has LOST her mind... @ 4:10min. that LYING bi@tch says, "What I'm saying doesn't matter...." The problem is, she doesn't KNOW what she's saying most of the time.
And you think THIS is bad??? Just wait until Romney-Ryan WIN in Nov.
And the BETTER Romney-Ryan's numbers get, the WORSE the Obama tactics are going to get. Buckle up, it's going to be a rough ride, if not the sleaziest ever known in US politics. Leave it to the dems.
MiaG: Just more mindless Paul-bot ranting and raving...
Winston, you and Billo RealChangeNotHope should get together... You're about equally out of your minds.... LOL
bibleman KJV Wrote: 10 minutes ago (6:19 PM) If Obama wins,--type in on your search(East St. Louis race riot) __________________ And did you see Billo RealChangeNotHope reply??? "Ya, I thought Rice would have been a good VP choice for national security experience and to quell any of that shiaat." I'm laughing so hard I'm almost crying... LOL
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