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Although since it has happened so often before, it has an extensive history throughout time and should be considered natural. Thus the onus of proof is upon those who would say that the current conditions, although essentially identical to those seen before, are this time due to a different cause. The proof should be verifiable and all data open to discussion.
So let's drop all subsidies for all fuels, and see how it shakes out. I guarantee you, wind power would disappear in short order.
The production tax credit is only part of the problem. The real problem is renewable portfolio standards, imposed by many states on to their utilities. This requires that some set percentage (usually 10 or 15 percent) of power sold by each utility must be generated by "renewable" facilities (wind, solar, geothermal, etc.) When an area grows and requires more power, utilities are required to provide it. Thus they are forced to buy 10 percent of this new power from such sources, no matter the cost (or the lack of availability), and resell it to their customers. This forces a guaranteed market for alternative producers with no price ceiling. It is a huge hidden subsidy funded by ratepayers.
He is continuing and extending the Democrats' War on Women.
Michelle may be right about young people being knuckleheads. After all, they voted for Obama twice
Classic communist strategy: Complain about the greedy rich and promise to "fix" things. Implement policies that are guaranteed to worsen economic inequality and really screw over the poor. Then repeat, louder and more aggressively, until the poor are convinced that their only way out is to support the very policies that are dragging them down (i.e. omnipotent government and its meager subsidies).
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