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Myths to Ditch in 2014

thoughtadventure Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 7:32 AM
It seems to me to be a very human thing to believe that what seems obvious to us is obvious to anyone who will just look. I think that leads to people deciding that those who disagree with them must be stupid or evil or both. I think it would be useful to put more effort into trying to see the others' perspectives and jut how different the world may look to them. That might help us communicate with them better, and show them that they are wrong and we are right :).
Rich L. Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 1:48 PM
You can try if you want, but it is pointless to try to see things from another's perspective. You have not had the life experiences that person has had and cannot fathom how they came to the conclusions they have. The best you can do is relate why you believe what you believe and see if that provides enough to sway the other. Some people will still swear that the sky is green no matter what evidence is provided.